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Reception, tasting and protection. We can do it, together.

We have now 12 commandments to ensure the safety of us all.

When you come to visit the domain, be aware that your visit will be private. You will not meet other visitors, or from very far away. This is the great advantage of the vineyards, we have space, both in our vineyards and in our cellars, so let's take advantage of it. The glasses, the tables, even the games provided for your children are cleaned and disinfected just before your arrival. What we don't know how to handle, we take it away (books for example are put away). Your plate accompanying your tasting is prepared by one of us, masked and gloved, and it is also masked that we serve the wines. Inside, we need your help not to touch the barrels. And, if you feel like being outdoors, we offer you a 100% outdoor visit: the walk to discover our grape varieties but also the tasting, sitting around a very large table, takes place in the heart of the vineyards. Find here all our protection measures.

For an outdoor visit, choose L’Apéro in the Fields

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