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Château Hourtin-Ducasse 2012

He does not exist !

For 15 years we have been using natural methods and products to treat our vines, work our soils, maintain microbial life, promote diversity between the rows ... and gradually allow them to strengthen so that they can fully express themselves. In addition to our determination to preserve the riches of our terroir and our desire to respect our environment, we are convinced that this will improve the quality of our wines. After the 2010 and 2011 vintages for which we have managed to use no chemicals, nature has called us to order! This year, we had to carry out many treatments, concocted from essential oils and plant infusions, and many passages to work the soil. But in spring, the climatic conditions of Bordeaux were particularly difficult, and the combined attack of mildew and powdery mildew of a power rarely encountered did not leave us take back our breath..On June 9 and 10, heavy rains literally leached our leaves, destroyed the internal protections of our plants and allowed downy mildew to settle on the bunches. Thus, all or part of the grapes, depending on the plot, was badly damaged; and as a result, the balance and natural distribution of the grape varieties have been disrupted. When tasting berries of different grape varieties on their feet and taking into account their maturity, their acidity and their flavor, I do not find all the components necessary to obtain balance, complexity, aromas, finesse and structure. that characterize our wine. Like Yquem, on several occasions, or Angelo Gaja, one of the oldest producers of Brunello di Montalcino, in 2002, I decided not to produce Château Hourtin-Ducasse in 2012.

Michel Marengo

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