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Located in Saint-Sauveur, on the surrounding of Pauillac, their former owners, in the 18th and 19th centuries, Messrs Hourtin and Ducasse, gave their name to this area. Our family acquired it in 1976 and for more than 40 years we have been taking care of it with a bunch of our 7 children.

French wines have been world famous for centuries. And yet, men,

knowledge and technologies have changed since then, but the wines have remained, as symbols of excellence. It is therefore nature and the terroirs that make our wines and we are only transmitters. Here, we protect the integrity and specificities of our terroir so that our wines reveal its magic and its personalities. We accompany our vines and then raise our wines so that each vintage expresses its particularities and its talent; we seek each year the purity of the fruit and the in-itself of each vintage. The last 34 vintages of château-hourtin-ducasse have received 145 awards.

Our philosophy

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Every year, we are looking for purity and in-itself of each vintage...

Our land extends over 25 hectares, including 18 hectares of vines, aged on average over 25 years. Our management of the vine is based on the use of the natural capacities of plants, in the form of infusions and macerations, to treat the vines, work the soil, promote diversity between the rows, allow the vines to strengthen and express themselves fully. In addition to our determination to preserve the richeness of our terroir and our desire to respect the environment, we are convinced of improving the quality of our wines in this way.

Our convictions

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Our management of the vine is based on the use of the natural capacities of plants, in the form of infusions and macerations...

Cabernet-Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc and Petit Verdot are the grape varieties planted on the estate of Château Hourtin-Ducasse, Haut-Médoc, Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée. This wine is defined by its elegance and balance.

Les Roses de Marie is a blend of our grapes, pressed immediately after the harvest to obtain liveliness and precision. It is a thirsty wine, a nice pleasure to drink right away. noGGIN, our latest addition, is a spirit drink distilled from the wines that we discard from our château-hourtin-ducasse or Roses de Marie blends. With its brilliant pale green reflections and aromas from the garden, o n the rock or in cocktails, what freshness!

Our wines ... and more

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Château Hourtin-Ducasse, Haut-Médoc, Les Roses de Marie, rosé

and noGGIN, spirit drink...

We are


Michel Marengo

A former student of the École Centrale de Paris, I have taken over Château Hourtin-Ducasse with my family for over 40 years. Surrounded by a field team, I define the choices and orientations of the property

and, more particularly, the assembly

and monitoring the evolution of wines

during breeding.


Marie-Noëlle Marengo

Les Roses de Marie is its territory, as well as everything related to the presentation and dressing of the vineyard and our wines, in addition to the (very) heavy load of our 7 children. Dorothée accompanies her to bring you maximum well-being when you come to see us.

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and a team
to receive you better

Ludivine welcomes you to the vineyard,

Mathilde prepares your visit and both take care of your bottles. Those that you taste in the chai but also those that you wish to have delivered, according to your needs.

At the winery

and in the vineyards

He accompanies us

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Justine Minois

Justine Minois orchestrates the work

in the fields as well as in the cellars. With Aurélie and Jérôme, they are all the 3, all year round and in all weathers, to the care of the vines and our wines.

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Marc Quertinier

Consultant oenologist, from the vine to the setting in bottles, Mathieu Huguet accompanies us to allow our wines

to express the richness of our terroir. He is an accomplice in the development of our wines.

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