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Born from the desire to have a nice freshness to enjoy in the garden with friends, Les Roses de Marie is not a garage wine, it is a thirst wine, a nice pleasure to drink right away.

les roses de marie 2021



Frosts in April and incessant attacks of mildew throughout the campaign have marked the harvest of Les Roses de Marie 2021, despite good climatic conditions of harvest; the grapes are small and not very juicy. We start picking the Cabernet Franc from the L'Atelier plot, pressed immediately. Crash! The press breaks down. A part of the harvest is lost. For the Cabernet Sauvignon and the Merlot, we recover the juice during the sorting of the grapes. And the magic happens... The Merlots of plot La Salvatorienne offer a freshness and a rare precision. They will keep them! After fermentation of each batch, during the blind blending, they are the ones who get the lion's share. This is the first time. The Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc are still in the majority, but not by much. Then an atypical assembly; but of the fruit, the volume and a pretty freshness all in length. They are indeed Les Roses de Marie!


Harvest : October, 6, 2021



Cabernet Sauvignon 36%, Cabernet Franc 15%, Merlot 49%


Production : 4,170 bottles - 244 magnums


Alc. by vol.: 11.5%


Tasting :

Marc Quertinier, February 6, 2022, fruit day

Beautiful tea pink color.

Fine, complex nose of ripe red fruits, black fruits in sorbet, with some touches of citrus fruits (yuzu).

Suave, vinous, full and well stretched mouth, underlining the fruit on the length. Some fine bitters refreshing on the finish.

To be served very cold, 5 to 6° C.


Harmonises with :

pissaladière, grilled red mullet, stuffed vegetables, eggplant tian, lamb chops with thyme flowers, rock fish soup, fresh goat cheese on pink berries, fresh fruit salad, tropézienne pie...


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