The 2020 vintage is in barrels,

maturing is in progress.

The " en primeur " campaign is starting. To be booked directly here and to be tasted at the vineyard.

How is going 2020?


The year 2020 will remain an astonishing year that has put us all in an unknown situation...

The year 2020 will remain an astonishing year that has put us all in an unknown situation. But a "confined" spring doesn't stop the vine; it doesn't wait and it must be worked and looked after. Then many climatic hazards came to disrupt it: hail, snow, floods, high temperatures... but in a microclimatic way, in small areas; hail as well as precipitation differed significantly from one estate to another. It is therefore difficult to give a common identity to this campaign for all the appellations. In the Médoc, the hot and dry climatic conditions, which were fairly widespread, produced small grapes with a high alcoholic potential and an acidity that was often lower than usual. Fortunately, the cool nights at the beginning of September recreated optimal conditions that allowed us to reach good levels of maturity for harvesting. Dates, number and nature of treatments, vine accompaniment, harvest dates: nothing was written down this year and decisions were made on a day-to-day basis. For the most patient like us, the showers just before our harvest brought freshness and softened the Cabernets. Yields remain limited due to the dry summer. A small vintage in volume... but rich and exuberant, which reminds us of the power and concentration of the 2018. Another winemaker's vintage!

The 2020 vintage is now promising with excellent single-varietal wines, very beautiful colors, a finally saved balance between alcohol and acidity and tannins from Cabernet Sauvignon more elegant than usual.


Harvest: from September 28 to October 1

Blending (find the last session here, for real): Cabernet-Sauvignon 58%, Merlot 38%, Cabernet Franc 12%, Petit Verdot 2%

Vinification and aging: alcoholic fermentation in closed barrels (52% of the harvest), malolactic fermentation in barrels (100%), rising in barrels in progress, including 25% new barrels

Production: coming

Alc. by vol.: coming

Tasting on barrels:

(March 11, 2021, root day - Marc Quertinier) 

Fruity nose, dense, a little wild.

Fleshy, full, dense mouth. Tannins a bit tight.

barriques chai 1x1.jpg

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The 2020 vintage will be available in the 3rd quarter of 2022, after bottling.

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