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We do not help each other, we do not kiss, but we are very happy to welcome you.


We start by cleaning our hands with the gel available to us.


We welcome you on a private visit, or if not we maintain the safe distance between us, from start to finish.


Your children can use the outdoor games (table football, ping pong, etc.), they are disinfected before each visit. (Alas, the books are stored, disinfection would not be optimal).


We maintain more than 1 meter distance between you and us.

Help us !


Inside the building, you can only touch the vats, barrels or bottles with your eyes.

We count on you.


Your snack plate was prepared by one of us 3 (Gustave, Michel or Marie-Noëlle) with mask and disposable gloves


Your glasses have been cleaned with a glass machine, at more than 60 °. They are then made to shine with a clean cloth renewed at each machine.


Each his own glass (obviously!) And each his spittoon, disinfected between each visit.


The tasting tables, chairs and toilets reserved for you are also disinfected between each visit.


We will wear a mask during the tasting to serve your wines.


If you wish to buy wines, your box will be prepared with mask and hands disinfected, then slipped into your trunk after you have opened your car yourself.

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