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Braiding, not alone.

Cabanage or trimming? New experiments are in progress at the estate.

Our experimentation with braiding on some of our vine rows (see La Vie de Château no. 34) is now showing its first results. We tied the ends of the branches together and the tendrils did their job, making the knots inseparable. No cutting trauma and no risk of leaving the plants defenseless every time the trimmer is used. It does, indeed, work! Aside from the time required - ten times more than for trimming the same surface area - the effect is immediate, and the apex plays its role. The vine thinks for itself, controlling its own growth, leaf volume and organization around the bunches. The arched leaf canopy that this process encourages is nevertheless conducive to the development of fungal diseases such as mildew. It is therefore necessary to monitor these sensitive areas with more intensive support at critical times. Copper may, then, still be considered an essential ally, at a very low dose.

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