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Les Roses de Marie 2019 are finally ready!

A nice thirst-quenching wine with freshness and precision for the coming summer...

This year, we have chosen the plots L'Atelier and Le Jardin. As usual, the Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon from these 2 plots were pressed immediately after being picked, then fermented and vinified separately. But the sorting table offered us another completely unexpected batch: Merlot juices, fruity, precise and taut. A madness took us, why not give it a try! Fermented and vinified in their vats, a part of them managed to sneak in during the blind blending. So for the first time in a very long time, there is a little bit of Merlot in Les Roses de Marie 2019. A beautiful coalition for a perfect balance! The bottling took place on February 18, fruit day to better meet the requirements of Mother Nature; 6,901 bottles, 174 magnums and 12 double-magnums were produced and are also for sale on our site (what's left of them ;)).

Caesar salad, avocado hamburger à la Buffala, brill fillets with melted butter and tarragon...

are some of the dishes we tried to accompany our rosé. What happiness! It's up to you to try new combinations, it's up to you to play according to your moods and desires and don't hesitate to share; summer hasn't started yet so we need your ideas...

Tasting (March 8, 2020, fruit day)

A pretty onion skin color that announces freshness.

The nose immerses you in the heart of a peach orchard with still fresh fruit.

Slightly sweet The mouth is ample with a nice smooth and enveloping substance. The aromas of citrus fruits and a pretty length specify and stretch the whole. An elegant thirst-quenching wine for summer.

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