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Fancy a cocktail? But which glass to choose?

The evening of the year has rarely started with a cup of hibiscus tea. Although! Worth a try... maybe the next topic. But if you're craving multiple colors, flavors, textures, scents... then a cocktail will do the trick.

Mixology is considered an artistic profession; it involves creativity, experimentation and skill. The mixologist invents and imagines new original recipes, sometimes surprising or even spectacular. But like all artists, he needs tools. Let's talk about the one that will contribute to the pleasure of the eyes and to the enhancement of its contents, let's talk about glass!

The cocktails we propose were made with our noGGIN. Tested and approved by the whole family (over 18 years old!); we share them with you.

The long drink or tumbler

This glass is the most used for cocktails. Accompanied by its long straw for highballs or collins (long glasses), it can be chic and sober at the same time. Its great advantage is that it can hold a lot of ice cubes, so it will meet your desire for great freshness!

noGGIN cucumber tonic

+ 5cl noGGIN

+ 15cl tonic

+ 3 slices of cucumber cut very thinly

+ ground pepper

Pour the tonic over noGGIN, add the ice cubes, and stick the washers on the side of the tumbler glass. Add a little pepper from the mill.

The balloon

This relatively large stemmed glass is perfect for fruit-based drinks, and of course wine. It is served with a few ice cubes. Its long stem allows not to heat the content when you carry it and its opening to direct all the aromas towards the nose. It is used for a sangria, a piña colada, a spritz...

Bright Red

+ 2cl noGGIN

+ 2cl vodka

+ 1 blood orange

+ 1 orange

+ sparkling water

Pour noGGIN and vodka into a balloon glass. Add the juice of the squeezed oranges and complete with sparkling water and ice cubes. Decorate with half a blood orange washer.

Martini glass

The martini glass is the emblem of the cocktail without ice. Agent 007 is surely to blame! The wide stem gives the contents plenty of exposure to the air and perfectly reveals the powerful aromas of the gin. Here too, the long stem insulates the cocktail from the heat of your hands. It is said that in the days of prohibition, the martini glass was used to discretely and quickly throw away the drink in order not to be suspected by the police.

Martini Dry

+ 5cl noGGIN

+ 1cl dry vermouth (martini)

+ green olive

Beforehand refresh the glass with crushed ice. Fill a shaker halfway with ice cubes. Add noGGIN and vermouth and mix quickly with a spoon (James prefers it mixed with the shaker!) to refresh the cocktail while avoiding diluting it with ice cubes. Then transfer the mixture to a martini glass by filtering the ice cubes. For decoration, add a pitted green olive to the bottom of the glass or on a wooden pick.

Margarita glass

The cousin of the martini glass, the margarita glass has an original shape with its double container form. Its history is just as original. This glass would have been invented in Mexico City by recycling defective Coca-Cola bottles. Afterwards, the factory which produced them would have closed but the glass with margarita continued its road.

Citrus Lagoon

+ 6cl de noGGIN

+ 2cl blue curaçao

+ 1 cc lime juice

+ 5 slices of lime

+ 1 mint leaf

+ Sparkling water

Mix noGGIN, curaçao and lime juice in a shaker. Garnish your Margarita glass with the slices and mint, add 4 ice cubes then pour your preparation. Fill the glass with sparkling water. Decorate.

The cup

This glass was once very common for drinking champagne. But the glass lets the fizz escape. It is now preferred for cocktails where the star is not the bubbles. But for the decoration of your most beautiful evenings, the cup fills up more easily than the flute, it allows to build magnificent pyramids of glasses to make spectacular champagne fountains cascade.

Pour la soif

+ 5cl noGGIN

+ 10cl pear juice

+ 2 leaves and 1 branch of fresh sage

+ Champagne

Pour noGGIN and the pear juice into a shaker. Add 2 sage leaves. Crush them lightly with a pestle. Add a few ice cubes and shake vigorously. Present in a dry glass, add champagne and decorate with the sage branch.

The flute

The flutes are known and recognized. Synonymous with elegance and luxury, they make your parties chic and glamorous. Flutes are an asset for all sparkling cocktails; they contribute to enhance the bubbles and specially to preserve them.

French 75

+ 3cl noGGIN

+ 2cl lemon juice

+ Champagne

Pour noGGIN and the lemon juice into a flute. Dilute slowly with the fresh champagne.

Decorate with a piece of lemon slice on the edge of the glass.

The shot

With its capacity of 5 to 10 cl, the shot glass has its history. Indeed, the legend tells that in the time of the Far West, cowboys with little money went to the saloons and exchanged small quantities of alcohol for cartridges. The word shot is said to come from these exchanges: a "shot" for a shot of alcohol.

This glass is perfect for simply enjoying noGGIN. It can then express all its authenticity through its notes of citrus, white pepper and garden nettles.

And then there is the wobble, the chimney, the stein, the pint, the fishbowl... and many other shapes of different volumes to accommodate and enhance your creations. So it's up to you! It's up to you to experiment, to try, to test... and to share with us your discoveries and enrich our menu. Here in comments or on our instagram or facebook page @hourtinducasse. Cheers !

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