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L'Apéro in the Fields, to be booked here.

Strolling through the vines, we focus on our grape varieties, the biodiversity present in the vineyard and our techniques for accompanying our vines: essential oils and infusions for treatments, sheep for mowing and fertilization, bald nesting boxes -mice, blue tit nesting boxes ...

The rest of the visit takes us around a large wooden table set in the heart of the vines. Around different local flavors to nibble, we share the experience of a tasting of 3 vintages by presenting the character and talent of each, then wine in primeur in order to share what is our daily working tool to decide actions throughout raising. We continue with a nice thirst-quenching wine, our rosé, Les Roses de Marie, and finish with our youngest, noGGIN, a spirit drink reflecting the freshness of the garden; both are made from grapes grown on our land. Each tasting is supported by a document showing the assembly, the date of the harvest, some food / wine harmonies… in order to provide some technical references relating to the wine served.

This visit is intended for strollers as well as for initiates; it's a nice walk in the heart of the vineyards but also a precise and detailed approach to our eco-responsible techniques.


Nature and the terroirs make our wines and we are only the transmitters. Here, we protect the integrity and specificities of our terroir so that our wines reveal their personality every year. Biodiversity is a differentiating and determining element that we take great care of and promote. How do we do this?

From 11:30 a.m. every day, we welcome you for a visit in our vineyards. The diversity of the grape varieties, the grassing between the rows... will lead us to talk about flora. Then we will introduce you to Marylin, Jane and Jacqueline, 3 of our sheep, and Montserrat, La Callas and Viorica, our chickens, to talk about fauna. "How does our activity take into account and promote the presence of biodiversity on our plots?" will be the subject of this stroll through the vineyards.

We'll continue with a tasting of 2 of our vintages and our lovely freshness, Marie's Roses, over a small board of local produce. If you're picnicking at home, we'll accompany your dessert with delicious homemade cannelés paired with our spirit, noGGIN!

Don't feel like packing your own picnic? We'll make it for you, upon reservation, with fresh and local products, at the price of 15 € per person! For more information, don't hesitate to contact us directly, we would be delighted to answer your questions.

So, you will be there? ;) To reserve, call +33 (0)5 56 59 56 92.

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