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Ready to give us a hand in the vineyards?

4 rows of vines are reserved for you to accompany them according to their needs.

For 2 hours, with a specialist in vine work, according to the needs of our vines, together we will

complete, plant piles, tie, bend, weed, thin out the leaves, lift, braid, pick up... in order to better understand the why and how. We will tell you what treatment we choose, what gesture, when... our convictions and the why and how of the care we decide to bring daily to our feet.

2 hours in the vineyards, then lunch together around a bottle to choose from among the wines to be tasted, from 2 to 10 people, by appointment, 50 € per adult. To be booked here.

After this "hard work", we will have lunch together with local specialties to enjoy a well-deserved rest, between 2 rows of vines if the weather permits or in the shelter of the cellar. We will taste our rosé, Les Roses de Marie, followed by 3 vintages of Château-hourtin-ducasse. You will choose your favourite, the bottle will accompany our meal. noGGIN, our spirit drink will close our lunch, with some homemade cannelés.



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