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Château Hourtin-Ducasse 2007



Commended at the 2009 Decanter World Wine Awards in London
Cru Bourgeois, 2003 classification
Selected prix d’honneur in the 2016 Dussert-Gerber guide
A Bronze Medal at the 2010 Feminalise in Beaune, France
Awarded Vigneron d’Or in the 2012 Gilbert & Gaillard Guide. Rated 85/100

The growing season

After a mild and dry winter, vine budding came early: last week of March for Merlot and first week of April for the Cabernets. This early bloom made the vine vulnerable and the 2007 vintage extremely complex to manage until the end of the harvest. From mid-April, the unstable weather forced us to split the specifically targeted treatments, and thus to multiply them. The flowering on the 10th of May, equally precocious, was characterized by a huge disparity both generally between grape varieties as well as amongst the variety of the same plot. The persistence of unsettled weather even led to the failure of the vine flowers to properly develop on some Cabernet Sauvignons. During the cool and wet summer, work on each vine (wood splinters, stripping, thinning...) allowed us to even out the maturities of the vines, better protecting the full potential of the vintage. Heavy rainfall of about 100 mm in the second half of August slowed the growth of the vine, but the month of September, a particularly dry and sunny one, allow us to make up for it. The harvest took place from September 25th to October 16th.
The grapes were small, very concentrated and gave little juice. 500 hl were harvested. We then proceeded to pre-fermentation maceration while cold, followed by rapid alcoholic fermentation, all ultimately leading to a wine of good color and good composition ... a wine with great potential, but in very small quantities.


Cabernet-sauvignon 53 %, merlot 40 %, cabernet franc 5 %, petit verdot 2 %


60 000 bottles

Tasting (25.9.18, leaf day) - Mathieu Huguet, oenologist

Orange cherry hue with an honorable intensity for the vintage.
Coffee, peony, red pepper come to describe a complex nose. Smoked notes mixed with fennel marks.
Palate both full and delicate. Not a monster of concentration but a lot of delicacy with a beautiful aromatic imprint.
At its peak, phase plateau.
Serving temperature: 16–17°C.
Harmonises with: sweetbreads with chanterelles, grilled cuttlefish salad with balsamic, veal chop with cream and carrots Vichy, frozen strawberry Vacherin...

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