Bouteille Les Roses de Marie



Les Roses de Marie 2017

Its story

Despite the forecasts and very early harvest further south, like all our grapes of the 2017 vintage, we had to wait for them: one week more compared to the grapes of 2016 to harvest at the right maturity. We selected the fruits of the plots of L'Orée du Bois and Les Charmes that we harvested on October 5. The Cabernet-Sauvignons and Cabernets Francs were mechanically picked up, immediately pressed and then vinified separately. A very small production this year, frost did visit us!


Cabernet-Sauvignon 63 %, Cabernet Franc 37 %

Alcohol by vol.



3.500 bottles

Tasting (14.3.18) - Marc Quertinier, oenologist

Consistent pink colour, a little onion skill (confusing).
Fruity nose, rather light quite tender. A supple attack, a good fruity development, a frisky finish.
Serving temperature: 6 to 7 ° C
Harmonies: buckwheat crepes filled with scallops, monkfish curry, sole with sauce Dieppoise, fish pot au feu... Cheese: sainte maure and its straw ... Dessert: fine pear tart…

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