The Vineyard


The Château Hourtin-Ducasse vineyard is located at the Lieu dit Le Fournas, next to Pauillac. The estate produces a Cru Bourgeois from the Haut-Médoc. In the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, two former owners, Mr. Hourtin and Mr. Ducasse, gave him his name. Our family bought it in 1976 and so we are taking care of it for 40 years now.

The Estate

Photo de grappes de raisin

The vineyard stretches over 25 hectares with 23 hectares of vines which, on average, are 15 to 20 years old. They are cultivated using conservation farming techniques that takes advantage of bio and biodynamic methods, listening to the nature and her needs to improve the plants’ immune defences and therefore express themselves completely. Beside our determination to preserve the richness and to protect and respect our environment, we believe it also improves the quality of our wines.


Our Philosophy

Our aim is to protect the richness of our terroir, stand by our vines, then raise our wines to make each vintage express all his character. While revealing the purity of the fruit, our wines are characterized by their elegance and balance. The 29 last vintages have received 107 award.

We are...

Michel Marengo

Portrait de Michel MarengoFormer engineer from the Centrale Paris school, I took over the Château Hourtin-Ducasse more than 40 years ago. Supported by a great team, I am defining the orientations of the vineyard, and specially, the blend and the aging of the wines.

Marie-Noëlle Marengo

Les Roses de Marie are her talent, like everything concerning the presentation of the vineyard and of our wines, beside the (very) hard work to take care of our 7 kids.

To welcome you

Sandrine will take care of you, on the phone as upon your arrival at the vineyard. If we are not there, she will tell you and make your taste our wines. Maria will help, bringing some local flavors to your tastings. Sandrine takes also care of your deliveries, to make sure everything works out smoothly and as you requested.

On Location

Quentin drives the work in the vines, Frédéric organizes the cellar work, Jeremy makes sure all our technical equipment is tuned up, and with Nelly, all four of them, take care all year long of our vines and wines.

He accompanies us

Graduate oenologist, from the vines to the bottles, Thomas Vidalies is with us to help our wines reveal the magic of our terroir. He is our accomplice and a fundamental actor to elaborate our wines.